Violin Brothers

Case overview

Our client, a respected local violin retailer, sought to elevate their online presence, with the specific goals of increasing online inquiries, and driving up their online orders. Additionally, they needed a robust file storage system to efficiently manage their corporate data and media, ensuring the seamless operation of their business.

The Brief

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Our Approach

To boost the online presence of our local violin retailer client, we designed a tailored WooCommerce store. This online platform showcased their violins collections and profession, providing a smooth shopping experience for potential customers.

Moreover, we addressed their management needs by implementing and configuring the NAS system. This solution ensured secure data storage and easy access, reduced the risk of data loss.

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The Results

Our efforts yielded impressive results for the local violin retailer. Within the first six months, our client experienced a significant 30% increase in online inquiries. 

Moreover, our client’s dedication to expressing their professional knowledge in the violin field played a pivotal role in their success. By hosting engaging campaigns and events, they not only attracted a substantial audience but also cultivated a distinctive brand image. 


Decrease in bounce rate


Increase in average session duration


Increase in page views
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